News & Updates

    • Floor slabs are partially complete. Precast has been installed. Under-slab plumbing and electrical is in place. Gas service has been brought in from the street!

      Thursday, Oct 30 2014

    • Today's cask is the Old 8 Porter with sea salt. Cheers!
      Wednesday, Oct 29 2014

    • The men with the plans... Derrick Construction is getting the job done!

      Tuesday, Oct 28 2014

    • Boiler room, chem room, and lab blocks are up! The last photo gives you a sense of what the loading and parking area will be.

      Thursday, Oct 16 2014

    • Today's cask is the Odacer-Faustins Ale infused with one fresh Scorpion Trinidad. Cheers!!
      Wednesday, Oct 08 2014