Grandpa’s Amber Ale

If you’re Grandpa is anything like mine, he loves beer! Sadly, my Grandpa passed away nearly nine years ago, before he could experience the craft beer explosion in Minnesota, or try any of my brews at Barley John’s. I brewed this beer on what would have been his 100th birthday. Brewed from artesan, floor-malted, single strain Maris Otter and Golden Promise barley – only the best for grandpa! A perfectly balanced beer – not too hoppy, not too malty, not too strong, not too light, not too dark – just right!

This beer is brewed in tribute of Grandpas everywhere – let’s raise a glass!



6.3% ABV | 34 IBU’s

Malts Used: Maris Otter, Golden Promise, Munich, Crystal, CaraVienne, Roasted Barley | Hops Used: Brambling Cross, Cascade, Columbus | Yeast: House Strain

Available in: 8oz | 16oz | 64oz Pitcher | Growler

Current Tap Status: Gone for now