Oatmeal Brown Ale

This new brown ale is packed with as much toasted malt as it can handle! It’s creamy body, accentuated with the richness only oatmeal can bring to a beer, is further beefed up by the nitrogen carbonation. Extremely smooth and robustly toasty, the beer remains very light and easy drinking. At only 4.8%, you can have a few and come back for more. Look for notes of burnt toast, chocolate, and black tea. The only thing more beautiful than watching a nitrogen-poured beer settle is drinking it!

4.8% ABV | 37 IBU’s

Malts Used: Maris Otter, Brown Malt, Crystal, Aromatic, Flaked Oats | Hops Used: Galena, Brambling Cross, Fuggle, Cascade | Yeast: House Strain

Available in: 8oz | 16oz | 64oz Pitcher

Current Tap Status: Gone for now

This Beer is not available for sale in Growlers, due to the fact that it is served on nitro.