Rosie’s Old Ale

Rosie’s Old Ale is the third beer in our barrel aged series. We take our Wild Brunette and double ferment it several times. These additional feedings of sugar boost the alcohol content and complexity of flavors. It is then aged in bourbon barrels for eleven months. Rosie’s only comes out every three years because we reuse the barrels. Dark knight is aged for a year, then Dark Knight Returns, and then finally Roise’s Old Ale. Lots of sherry, dark fruit, and port notes compliment this robust beer. Cheers!

  14%  ABV | 50 IBU’s Malts Used: 2-Row, Munich, Chocolate, Aromatic, Wild Rice| Hops Used: Warrior, Willamette | Yeast: House Strain, High Gravity Available in :5oz | Growler Current Tap Status: On Tap!