Sour Mash Rye

This sour mash rye ale is based on one of the few classic American styles of beer: the Kentucky Common. We brew two days for each batch of beer. For the first day, we mashed in half of that day’s grain, brought it through all the rests, saccrification, and a single decoction. The mash was then chilled, and another 50 pounds of grain was mashed in to reintroduce the wild yeast on the grain. This mash was kept at 110 degrees for two days and allowed to sour in a process similar to what happens to yoghurt. The rest of the malt bill was then mashed in on brew day, and the brewing process went forward like usual. All the wild critters that soured the beer were killed in the boil, and the beer was fermented with our house strain. The second day’s brew was brewed like a regular batch, without the sour mashing. The resulting beer is sour, but just a little more than what you’d find in a Guinness. It is very light bodied, has a little brown in the color, and is carbonated very lightly to allow the texture – which is very rich and viscous from all the rye in the mash – to shine. This unique beer only yielded about half of the regular amount due to the loss from all the rye (which can be very sticky, and produces a lot of ‘flour,’ which sediments out of the beer after fermentation), so get it while you can!

4.9% ABV | 27 IBU’s

Malts Used: 2-Row, Rye, Munich, Aromatic, Chocolate | Hops Used: Galena, Brambling Cross, Fuggle | Yeast: House Strain

Available in: 8oz | 16oz | 64oz Pitcher | Growler

Current Tap Status: Gone for now