Steam Train

California Common beers, better know as Steam Beers, are lagers brewed at warmer than usual (ale) temperatures. The resulting beer is crisp and smooth like a lager, but more flavorful like an ale. The style developed in San Francisco in the mid 19th Centry when temperature control during fermentation wasn’t an easy matter (unless you have the naturally chilly caves of Germany and the Czech Republic). The wort, after the boil, was spread out in long flat tanks on top of the brewery, and the morning fog that rolled in over the city, and over the tanks, would help control the temperature. This created a tremendous amount of steam, and likely garnered the style its name.

5.4% ABV | 30 IBU’s

Malts Used: 2-Row, 6-row, Crystal Malts, Aromatic Malts, CaraVienne | Hops Used: Challenger, Columbus | Yeast: Bohmeian Lager

Available in: 8oz | 16oz | 64oz Pitcher | Growler

Current Tap Status: Gone for now