Brewed on site. Always on tap.


Wild Brunette Wild Rice Brown Ale

John’s signature brown ale is complex and smooth with rich toasted malt, soft chocolate and dark fruit flavors, finishing with subtle vanilla notes.

Old 8 Porter

Huge malt yum with chocolate mocha smoke dancing with hop spiciness and zest.

Little Barley Bitter

An American ale brewed with choice barley and hops for smooth, easy-drinking enjoyment. Not bitter. Not sweet.

Stockyard IPA

Strong malt backbone with subtle hop character, our IPA celebrates the more subtle British presentation of the style.



The Brewpub also features a great selection of seasonal and limited time offerings along with guest brews, including Barley John’s Brewing Company of New Richmond, WI.




Mama G

A refreshing raspberry lemonade mint cocktail named after a classy lady who likes her drinks strong and tall.

The Leprechaun

Celebrate the Irish inside you with this delicious Jameson Whiskey and apple fizz drink that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Bourbon Smash

This bourbon drinker’s mojito is a great mix of blackberries, mint and lime coming together for a cocktail that will make you (even more) impatient for Spring.

Spicy Moscow

A special take on the classic Moscow Mule with a combination of spicy and sweet flavorings that will refuel your spirits with every sip.